Beachwood Brewing Night @ Story Tavern

Friday, August 3rd @ 6pm

Try some of the best craft beer that you will ever have from one of the best craft breweries! Meet the Owners and Brewers, Gabe Gordon, Julian Shrago and Ryan Fields.

Also try an exclusive and incredible beer that we helped create with Beachwood Blendery, Blending Storys (description below).

Blending Story’s

Belgian-style sour brown ale with cherries
6.7% ABV

A meticulous blend of three different barrels, all with three very different characteristics.  The first was a one year old, lambic-inspired base beer, perfectly balanced with a ton of funk.  The second was an old barrel of Belgian brown that had picked up some nice acidity over time and still had some excellent chocolate and wood notes.  The third was a blond barrel with cherries, that was bursting with fruity aromas and balanced complexity.  They come together to create something greater that the sum of the parts, funky, complex, and extremely interesting.


Also on tap:

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-Mocha Machine:
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-Melrose IPA