What is Applejack?

Applejack liquor was very popular during the American Colonial period due to the fact that it is much easier to produce than grain based alcohols. During the American Colonial Period, Applejack was produced by concentrating cider by either freeze distillation or evaporation distillation and the name Applejack is derived from a term for freeze distillation known as “jacking.” This drink was mainly popular in farming communities but began to disappear after prohibition and the commercialization of distilling in America. After the 1930s Applejack had become almost extinct in the United States and many Americans had never heard of it. Today, Americans are more interested in commercializing hand-crafted products and so, Applejack has made a comeback. Applejack is on its way to reclaiming itself as a steeple in the history of American alcohol production. Come into Story Tavern Today and give it a try.